Fruit Harvest Calendar

Galletta – late May – early June
Flavorfest – early June
Scarlett Red – mid June
Tart Cherries
mid June – mid July
Red Raspberries late June – mid July
early August – mid September
Black Raspberries BlackRaspberries late June – early July
Purple Raspberries Royalty – mid July
BlueberriesBlueberries late June – early August
Thornless Blackberries
PeachesLoring Peaches Glenglo – mid July (cling, yellow, high acid)
Early Red Free – mid July (cling, white, high acid)
All of the peaches listed below are FREESTONE:
Red Haven – late July (yellow, high acid)
John Boy – early August (yellow, high acid)
John Boy II – early August (yellow, high acid)
Beekman – early August (yellow, high acid)
White Lady – early August (white, low acid)
Raritan Rose – early August (white, high acid)
Sugar Lady – early August (white, low acid)
White Pearl – mid August (white, high acid)
Sugar Giant – mid August (white, low acid)
Coral Star – mid August (yellow, medium acid)
Contender – mid August (yellow, high acid)
Loring – mid August (yellow, high acid)
Blushing Star – mid August (white, high acid)
Snow King – mid August (white, low acid)
Crest Haven – late August (yellow, high acid)
Harcrest – late August (yellow, high acid)
Snow Giant – late August (white, low acid)
Encore – early September (yellow, high acid)
Laurol – mid September (yellow, high acid)High acid means good peach flavor and sweet. Low acid means mild peach flavor and very sweet.
ApplesApplesPinkLady Ginger Gold – mid August
Gala – late August – mid September
Honey Crisp – early September
Red Delicious – mid September
Magnolia Gold – mid September – mid October
Jonagold – mid September
Empire – late September – early October
Golden Delicious – late September
Cameo – early October
IdaRed – early October
Stayman – early October
Mutsu – mid October
Suncrisp – mid – late October
Braeburn – mid – late October
Fuji – late October
Enterprise – late October
Granny Smith – late October
Pink Lady – late October – early November
Gold Rush – late October – early November.